Cyber Security Services

We always align our solutions with your business objectives, leveraging our unique exposure to what works and what doesn’t through our extensive experience in the industry. We combine our skills and services in a number of different ways to help your organisation be more secure. We strive on technical excellence and use this approach in everything that we do.

Cyber security is a real-world problem with a plethora of practical solutions, and underpinning all of that should be a robust cyber strategy.

Our specialist technical consultancy and cyber advisory services are aimed at helping organisations to meet their ever evolving information security challenges and address the growing cyber threat.

We help organisation create broad coverage that’s sophisticated enough to fend off increasing cyberattacks.

We provide the expertise to help you protect your organization from cyberthreats and ensure efficient response strategies and protection plans for the future.

Our cyber security services include strategy consulting,  security architecture & engineering, risk & compliance management, and cyber security maturity assessment. With our help, you’ll be able to design and install exceptional security capabilities, upgrade your systems without added risk and grow in sophistication at the right pace for your business.

Cyber Security

Security Strategy & Transformation

Our security strategy and transformation advisory practise helps to establish a security strategy based on the client’s business strategy to meet the client organisations cyber security objectives.

  1. What Industries are we specialized in?

    We have worked with organisations both large and small, providing holistic and coherent cyber security advisory that take into account physical, social and technological aspects, in order to increase cyber resilience.

  2. What do we do?

    We help organisations with some or all of the following services:

    • Executive CISO
    • Governance & Cyber Security Strategy Development
    • Technical Reviews and Maturity Assessments
    • Compliance Audits
    • Resilience (Business continuity planning)
    • Resilience (Cyber Incident Response)
    • Resilience (Disaster Recovery)
    • Security Intelligence & operations consulting
    • Data and Application Security Consulting

  3. Why us and our approach?

    Our advisory practice harnesses all of our insights from the cyber front lines with our extensive experience in dealing with cyber threats from the most capable and malicious threat actors. And as we are not aligned to any technology, service or delivery model, we are able to employ the best solution to meet the specific challenges of your organisation.

    Our preferred approach is to seamlessly integrate with your own security teams and to co-own your cyber challenges across the whole lifecycle of your security programme.

  4. Sample of deliverables?

    • Strategic Frameworks
    • Current State Assessment
    • Future State Cyber Vision
    • Strategic Roadmap

Cyber Security

Security Architecture & Engineering

Our security architecture advisory practise helps to ensure that organisations are embodying the principles of secure by design right from the start of a project, in order to prevent costly changes in future.

  1. What do we do?

    We use a threat driven approach, and we combine this with an understanding of your organisation’s risk appetite to identify the suitable architectural controls to review your infrastructure. We can work with your organisation on:

    • Ensuring that all security requirements are met in the design of your network or system
    • High-level architectural network design, either reviewing an existing design or developing a new one
    • Assess whether a new/existing system is following the principles of secure design
    • Advice on industry best practice

  2. Our approach?

    We work with you to adhere to the standards relevant to your sector, whether that is using the SABSA/ISO/PCI-DSS etc. security framework, or the concepts and guidelines of the IEC62443 cyber security standard. But regardless of the framework, we believe that it’s crucial to adopt good practices and cyber security key principles right from the start of a project.

    These include the principles of defence in depth and having complementary layers of defence; the importance of logical and physical segregation; principle of minimal rights when it comes to authentication and access control; data directionality, firewall placement and others.

  3. Why us?

    We have the expertise to work on projects ranging from cloud-based infrastructure to private infrastructure, to on-premise infrastructure.

    We make sure we understand your business and critical issues, whether it’s finding out standards or regulatory requirements, legal policy, or any other security requirements that your infrastructure should adhere to.

  4. Sample of deliverables?

    • High-level architectural network design
    • Cyber Security Component Architecture and Design
    • Cyber Security Architecture (Logical Block designs)

Cyber Security

Risk & Compliance Management

We provide a solid cyber risk management framework that assesses your entire business and provides a transparent window into high value assets and security gaps.

  1. What do we do?

    We help companies put an end to regulatory confusion, respond to business threats, pinpoint operational inefficiencies, and focus on the core of their business. This usually consists of some or all of the following services:

    • Cyber Risk Management (Identification, Analysis, Evaluation, Control, Monitoring & Review)
    • Baseline/Security Configuration Assessment
    • Threat Assessment & Management
    • Vendor Risk Management
    • Digital Banking Assessment
    • Risk Analytics & Alerting
    • Resilience (business continuity planning, cyber incident response)

  2. Our approach?

    We assess your current IT risk and security programs, measure the maturity and effectiveness of your security systems, develop an effective strategy for implementation, design a personalized roadmap for improvement and also advise you on compliance.

  3. Why us?

    Using our experience as industry leading technical experts and our strategic risk model, we help clients to build demonstrable effective cyber risk management and defence strategies.

  4. Sample of deliverables?

    • Vendor Risk Assessment Reports
    • Cyber Security Maturity Assessment Reports
    • Gap Assessment Reports
    • Risk Analytics Reports
    • Threat Assessment & Mitigation Reports
    • Baseline Review & Compliance Reports

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Maturity Assessment

We look at your entire business to determine the maturity of your practices, processes and cyber response capabilities and to understand if you have reached a level of maturity to support your cybersecurity readiness.

  1. What do we do?

    We will assess your organisation’s current state of maturity holistically across key cyber controls, providing you with a comprehensive maturity assessment and a tailored transformation roadmap to enhance your cyber security posture.

    We drive this as a consultative process that will help you understand the gaps that exist between your present and your ideal future state. Once we have identified these gaps, you are better placed to create specific action plans to close the gaps and move your organization towards its security goals.

    Key steps:

    • Establish Scope
    • Identify & Collect Data
    • Perform Review
    • Document Gaps and map to goals
    • Present Gaps

  2. Our Strategic Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment Framework?

    Our Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment is based on our security assessment framework. This incorporates two leading industry frameworks, NIST and SABSA, and controls from both frameworks are mapped and consolidated to create our unified approach.

    Our framework is tailored to align with the cybersecurity framework of NIST, which supports the five core functions of identify, protect, detect, respond and recover; and the four core functions within the SABSA Architecture framework: security vision and strategy, information security framework, risk management, and logical security architecture. Our evaluation covers more than 180 NIST and SABSA control requirements, ensuring that organizations gain a comprehensive understanding of their cybersecurity posture from a security controls and architecture point of view.

  3. Why us?

    Cyber security maturity is all about being proactive and making sure that you are doing as much as you possibly can to prevent an attacker from gaining access to your systems and data, as well as reducing the impact of any successful breach.

    Using our experience as industry leading technical experts and our strategic cyber security maturity model, we help clients to build demonstrably effective cyber risk management and defence strategies.

  4. Sample of deliverables?

    • Cyber Security Maturity Assessment Report Kit (reports, presentation, actionable recommendations, risk analytics etc.)
    • High-level overview of the gaps (HLO for senior management)
    • Clear description of control areas that require improvement (Control failure reports)
    • In-depth Roadmap Detailing

Whether you need to solve a specific cyber security problem or you just need to improve the overall security posture of your organisation, we can help.