Technology Services

Improve your business with technology. We can help your business realise its growth potential by aligning your IT with your goals. The right projects can lower costs and increase efficiencies for your organisation. We delivers tailored IT consultancy services to organisations of any size. With TANNUM Consulting as your partner, we can help lead your organization forward with highly effective IT strategies and implement innovative solutions with our IT consultancy services.

All IT consulting services are delivered by the experts on our Professional Services team. We utilise industry standard frameworks (e.g., ITIL, PMBOK, COBIT, TOGAF ..) and best practices to deliver these service that are appropriate for the need and scalable based on client requirements.

Our consulting firm delivers custom IT consultancy services covering a variety of business technology strategies. Unlike many other IT consulting firms, our team provides strategic guidance on a variety of areas such as Strategy, Digital transformation, Crisis management, ICT consulting, Innovation and Research.

Information Technology Strategy

We know that devising and implementing a concise IT strategy aligned with business goals is a daunting task. And we are happy to share our experience to support you in technology roadmapping and exploring most efficient ways to use available resources and technology trends.

Digital Transformation

With the right choice of business-supporting technologies, we help enterprises go beyond automating traditional methods and processes and explore new ways to boost business and even transform business models. We are ready to join your IT journey regardless of your digital maturity level and help choose most profitable technology innovations to leverage your business and improve the experience of your employees and customers.

Crisis Management

We know how important it is for businesses to maintain operability in hard times caused by a natural disaster, a technological crisis, pandemic and more. We can help you quickly assess the critical situation, tune the internal company processes to new conditions, establish a safe and robust digital environment for remote working or perform security assessment of your dedicated digital environment. We can also establish thorough monitoring of remote work productivity of your employees and enable regular analytics and reporting on employee performance.

ICT Consulting

We help organisations to put ICT assets at the service of their business needs and strategic vision. By supporting the entire Information Systems Life Cycle, we strive to enable our clients to maximise their value from ICT by exploiting a multi-dimensional approach and providing services that include ICT Strategy & Transformation, Enterprise Architecture , IT Programme & Project Management, Information & Systems Security and IT Solutions Delivery.

Our experts can answer your questions, help you find the right technology solution for your needs, or provide value-added services.