Digital Forensic Services

Forensically. Knowing what to look. Where to look. How to look.

Our Digital forensic professional services provide clients with proven, world-class digital forensic expertise to help clients investigate, gather, preserve, recover, analyse and convert electronic data into comprehensible evidence, while maximising its value and use in court.

Our digital forensic investigators are experts in complex data recovery, across a full range of devices, under time restrictive deadlines.

Our experts utilise the latest technology and digital forensic techniques to uncover and highlight digital evidence.

Dedication to quality is at the core of our values and ensures that the evidential integrity is maintained throughout the life-cycle of an investigation.

Our specialists are on hand to discuss the various digital forensics disciplines that we provide and how they can be applied to your existing and future cases.


Digital Forensic Services

Our Digital Forensics Services specialise in getting to the bottom of every case with deep science and industry experience. Our digital forensics lab and client-centric team offer a tailored solution for your digital forensic investigation requirements.

  1. Forensic Data Collection - Onsite & Remote

    Whether performed onsite or remotely, forensic data collection is the first step for defensible eDiscovery.

  2. Data Recovery

    Sometimes data needs to be recovered from damaged media or restored after a disaster. We can provide a solution.

  3. Computer User Profiling

    A computer user profile is a visual display of personal data associated with a specific user, or a customized desktop environment to help identify a user’s activity and anomalies.

  4. Data Preservation & Storage

    One of the key obligations during eDiscovery is data preservation. Our team works with you to identify, preserve and securely store data that may need to be produced during litigation or pursuant to an investigation.

  5. Computer Forensics

    Our forensic investigators use the latest computer forensics examination techniques to recover, analyse, and present digital evidence stored in computers.

  6. Mobile Phone Forensics

    Utilising the latest advanced software to provide a complete forensic analysis of devices.

  7. Audio Visual Forensics

    Comprehensive audio visual forensic enhancement services to ensure you get the most of your digital evidence.

  8. Forensic Readiness & Planning

    Assess your organisation’s readiness to respond to a compliance requirement, or support a digital forensic investigation.

  9. Incident Response

    Our team of forensic investigators are available to respond to incidents.

  10. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (a.k.a Drone) Forensics

    Drones create another area where criminal activity, privacy issues and potential terrorist activity is of increasing concern.  Our forensic team takes an aggressive proactive approach to Drone Forensics by researching the newest Drone Technology as it becomes available, taking advantage of industry training classes and utilising the latest Digital Forensic Software when providing Drone Forensics.

  11. Vehicle (Car) Forensics

    We can provide support throughout the entire vehicle forensics process with identifying vehicles, acquiring systems, and forensically analysing data.

Whether you need to solve computer crime, claim of fraud, information tampering etc. or you just need to follow digital trials to piece together facts, we can help.