Executive CISO Services

Security strategy delivery with Executive CISO

The Executive CISO Consulting Services provides organizations with a Executive Chief Information Security Officer with the executive leadership and skills to help plan, define and execute a unique security strategy. The Executive CISO serves as an invaluable asset for your team to ensure the highest levels of security in terms of people, process, and technology.

Executive CISO is a service designed to make top-tier security experts available to your organization for security expertise and guidance.

Our team of experts has decades of experience building information security programs that work with your business objectives and show measurable improvements to your security posture.


Executive CISO

Tannum’s team has a depth of experience unrivaled by most security boutiques. Our executive CISO service allows firms to tap our team members on an ad-hoc or ongoing, subscription basis for high-level consulting engagements to meet a variety of needs.

Virtual CISO

Virtual CISO is designed to be high value and low cost. This is a remote engagement often lasting 6 months or longer.

Interim CISO

Interim CISO programs are designed to be short-term fulltime engagements while transitioning from one CISO to the next.

CISO Consulting

CISO Consulting services are an hourly rate service for on-prem or remote engagements.

  1. Security Planning, Leadership & Oversight

    Take advantage of our decades of experience in IT, management, risk and security. We can help you plan, budget, build, execute and validate your program.

  2. Coaching & Mentoring

    Our team can work 1:1 or many:1 to develop the skills and experience of your team members. We love mentoring and coaching and are dedicated to building the next generation of information security excellence.

  3. Board-Level Education & Reporting

    Our experts can work with the board to build their understanding of information security, risk and IT. We can also help security teams by being a liaison between technicians and the board, building mutual capabilities over time.

  4. Control Design & Optimization

    Our team has significant experience in development of custom controls, whether procedural or technical. We can be engaged to identify potential controls, assess residual risk of several options, build, implement and optimize controls across the enterprise.

  5. Security Automation & SECOps

    We can help your organization automate many day-to-day security tasks and work with your team to create a world class, best-of-breed Security Operations capability. Our experience and insights often make the difference in efficiency, effectiveness and budget.

  6. Defense In Depth Strategies & Network Design/Review

    We can review your existing architecture, review your defense plans and help you create, modernize and implement an effective defense and detection in depth strategy.

  7. Audit Prep & Response

    If you need help to prepare for or in responding to an audit, our team has the experience you can rely on. Our team can help you build an effective audit management approach. No matter the baseline or regulatory framework, our capabilities can help you build a rapidly maturing program.

  8. Budget Analysis & Planning

    Our team has managed budgets in the millions of dollars across a variety of organizations. We can help you plan, optimize and risk prioritize your spending. We can also work with your team to educate management and the board about budget needs versus the underground value of the data you’re protecting.

  9. Vendor Selection & Oversight

    Our team has decades of experience in working with IT and information security vendors. If you need help to compare vendors, doing product bake-offs or reviewing RFP submissions, our team can help. We have also performed oversight of vendors and through several multi-million dollar projects.

  10. Framework, Policy & Procedure Creation

    Our team can help you identify and select relevant risk and security frameworks to build your program upon. Once selected, the various controls can be mapped and control catalogs created to ensure compliance with up to hundreds of standards and regulatory requirements. Our experts can then help you create the relevant policies and procedures needed.

  11. Security Product Selection & Review

    Our lab has extensive experience working through RFI submissions and doing product reviews and comparisons. If you have a set of standards in mind and want an independent third party to lab test and assist with selection of products and services, our team can assist. We’ve done product reviews and bake-offs for more than 15 years. Our methodology ensures that you’ll get the best fit for your needs.

  12. Business & Security Program Alignment

    If you’re new to the organization as a manager, CIO or CISO – we can help your first 100 days be the most effective. Our experts can work with you to review your existing environment, policies and capabilities and design a roadmap and maturity models to get you to your goals. If you need to revamp or build a security program, our team can guide you through the process.

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