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IoT – the age of smart

Understanding what is Internet of Things Components – An IOT system comprises three basic Components Sectors – The IOT will affect many areas of day to day life. Phases – The growth of the IOT is expected to go through several stages of development. Example – How does city becomes ”smarter”? What technologies are used?

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Smart Cities – Open to cyber attacks

Every new technology and innovation brings new challenges and problems. In this presentation, I’m focusing on cyber security-related problems that currently affect or will affect cities in general around the world, whether considered smart or not. These problems would impact the city government, residents, and the businesses and other organizations that conduct business there. Keeping […]

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CISO – Roles & Responsibilities

Quick look at the various key responsible areas of a Chief Information Security Officer Area 1 – Compliance Develop the list of interested parties related to information security Develop the list of requirements from interested parties Remain in continuous contact with authorities and special interest groups Coordinate all efforts related to personal data protection Area […]

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Understanding Computer Forensics

The ultimate goal of computer forensics is to produce evidence for legal cases. To achieve this, there are four objectives you need to keep in mind. The first objective is to prepare for an investigation by ensuring the integrity of the evidence. For example, write protecting your evidence medium so that you don’t accidentally write […]

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OS Hardening – the extra bit needed

What is OS Hardening OS hardening (which is short for operating system hardening) refers to adding extra security measures to your operating system in order to strengthen it against the risk of cyberattack. All mainstream modern operating systems are designed to be secure by default, of course. But on most systems, you can add extra […]

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